Digital Tutors: Realistic Character Creation for Realtime
Zombie Boy: Making of

Here are some tutorials that I've prepared so far.  I have many in the works, and will post them here from time to time so make sure to check back often!  Each tutorial is a link to an outside side, some on Digital Tutors and some on my Blog.  I hope you enjoy and take something away from it all, as always I'm availble for any questions via the contact page above. 

In this making of, I break down the creation of my image "Zombie Boy" (which tends to be a favorite of a few who frequent my work).  The model was done for print and so I did take some liberties with the creation and ultimate rendering of it.  The tutorial covers most basic processes, and goes over an easy and brief zbrush work flow, show what brushes were used where.  Great for beginners wanting to see the process unfold from beginning to end. 

In this Tutorial I will go over the basic process I use in the creation of a realistic character done using a mulititude of different tools.  We will go over concept selection, and blocking in of forms using Zbrush 4r6's powerful suite of tools, we will also be jumping into maya for base mesh creation for some of more complex pieces.  I'll go over retopology in topogun and UV creation in UV layout.  Maps will be generated in Topogun, xnormal, and a program called dDo.  Geared towards intermediate level. 

Start Referencing Nature for Unique Creature Creation in ZBrush and push your designs further than you thought possible. You’ll take into account many characteristics of real animals and their unique functions, as you observe new ways of thinking about creature concepts and sculpting for future projects.

Throughout these lessons we will talk about what makes textures and materials look “real”. Utilizing the procedural nature of dDo we will be able to rapidly generate natural looking details on a survivor character.Learning these techniques will not only speed up your texturing workflow dramatically, but also leave you with a much larger understanding of how maps work, and what it takes to make things look real.

Digital Tutors: Referencing Nature for Unique Creature Creation
Digital Tutors: Texturing a Realistic Character in dDo


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